About Us

Welcome to Johnston Pain Management

We are a pain management clinic staffed by board certified physicians, a clinical psychologist, and medically trained staff with specialty training in the treatment of pain. Our goal is to break the vicious cycle of pain, inactivity, and associated emotional distress. We approach this through a variety of modalities, all geared to helping our patients reclaim a more productive and meaningful lifestyle. Please explore our website to learn more about disorders treated, therapies offered, and more.

Our Goals

Johnston Pain Management is comprised of a team dedicated to the mission of maximizing relief from pain for those who suffer from debilitating conditions.By utilizing a team consisting of a pain medicine specialist, a clinical psychologist, compassionate clinical professionals and a devoted administrative support staff, we strive to provide pain relief through consultation, education and on-going care.

We believe that pain relief is an important component of an individual’s quality of life.  We understand that this goal requires specialized treatment planning with attention to physical, emotional, social and spiritual well being.

The commitment of our staff to our mission allows us to provide and maintain a superior quality of care for our patients in a compassionate environment.

What do I need to bring to my first appointment?

Please bring completed paperwork our office mailed to you along with your current medications in their original bottles, any recent imaging (MRI, CT, X-ray), medical records, insurance cards and photo ID.

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Ultrasound Guided Injections

Dr. Holder is seen here preparing a patient for an ultrasound guided shoulder injection. Ultrasound guided injections help to guide the doctor to the area of concern so that medication can be administered. This may help to alleviate pain and inflammation in joints.

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Cervical Spine Injection

Dr. Chaney prepares her patient for a cervical spine injection with fluoroscopic guidance.  These Xray guided injections may be used for a number of different injections involving different areas of the spine. This is used to treat neck pain, thoracic spine pain, low ba read more

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Popular Services

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What Insurance can I use?

Insurances Accepted

Johnston Pain Management works with the following insurance companies:

• Aetna

• Blue Cross/Blue Shield

• Cigna

• Humana

• MedCost

• Medicare

• Workman’s Compensation

• Tricare Standard/Prime

• State of NC Employee Health Plan

• Vocational Rehabilitation

• VA Health Administration

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Opioids & Narcotics

OPIOID/NARCOTIC POLICY Please familiarize yourself with our Opioid/Narcotic policy. Opioid medications, also known as narcotics, are sometimes used in the treatment of severe pain for select patients. These patients must meet specific criteria and have failed other lowe read more

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Support Staff

Our clinical and administrative team at Johnston Pain Management is committed to providing the highest quality care for our patient’s.  We strive for excellence; to be better than we are today.  Our team focus is to provide collaborative care that strives for excellence in all aspects of comprehensive health and outcomes.  From our skilled nursing staff who will be assisting with your procedures to our medical assistant who will aid in our health care delivery we are committed to your pain management needs.

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